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At PBG, we have our own craft employees who perform most of the work in house, which helps protect your project budget and schedule. If your project requires a particularly challenging task that might intimidate some trade contractors, or cause them to charge a premium for their service, we can perform the work in-house at a lower cost and more expediently. You can rest assured that when you choose PBG, our team has you fully covered under one name and not left in the hands of an unknown subcontractor.

Our in-house capabilities include: 

  • Total Demolition
  • Shoring 
  • Excavation
  • Concrete Foundation and Flatwork 
  • Water and Sewer 
  • Framing


Total Demolition

With a complete demolition team in place we will provide dedicated guidance regarding advanced means and methods, ensuring that the company’s project teams employ the most advanced approaches to total demolition. Our fleet of excavators, crushers, screens, attachments, skidsteers, trucks, and trailers, plus the ability to process and remove all materials on-site, allows us to bring down any structure safely and efficiently. 

Our goal with every total demolition project is to make the overall process easy for you by providing full service capabilities. We handle all aspects that might be part of the demolition process so that you can eliminate multiple contracting situations.

Progressive Building Group also takes away any worries that permit application or coordination might entail as we handle all the paperwork or legwork that may be required. 


Sometimes, the foundation of your home needs to be stabilized before the home is completely constructed. That is where our residential foundation shoring services come in. The PBG team offers experienced personnel with our industry’s state-of-the-art precision products and equipment for shoring. We ensure foundation stability during construction, demolition, or reconstruction to keep you and your family safe. The services that we offer include residential excavation shoring as well as new construction shoring.

In addition to providing support for new construction, it is often necessary to shore existing structures and excavations. Conventional shoring systems are not always feasible due to noise, time or vibration constraints. Our underpinning products, however, can provide the reliable results without the drawbacks of other shoring methods.


Some people believe that excavators are merely grownups who have chased their childhood dreams where they still get to play with their Tonka trucks! Well here at PBG we’ve found some of the most passionate and qualified heavy equipment operators who truly know how to run the show efficiently and safely.

PBG’s handles all of your excavation needs including:

  • New construction site preparation
  • Foundation excavations
  • Slab excavations
  • Additions excavations
  • Infill project excavations
  • Site utilities excavations
  • Water line and sewer line excavations

Additionally, we can also haul dirt to or from a construction site, and we’re specialists in backfill, grading, and compaction.

Concrete Foundation and Flatwork

They say a wise man builds his house on a solid foundation. Well, with over ten sets of aluminium forms, a fleet of heavy machinery, and an in-house state-of-the-art concrete crew, what do you get? Far more than the wise man could’ve ever asked for!

PBG handles all of your concrete construction needs including:

  • Basement and Garage Slabs
  • Walls and Footings
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Porches
  • Outbuilding Slabs
  • Patios

Water and Sewer

In conjunction to our excavation services, PBG specializes in water and sewer services as well.

PBG handles all of your water and sewer services including:

  • Repair of water lines and water mains
  • Repair of sewer lines and sewer mains
  • Replacement of water lines
  • Replacement of water mains
  • Replacement of sewer lines
  • Replacement of and mains
  • Installation of water lines and water mains
  • Installation of sewer lines and sewer mains


Every building, no matter how big or small, simply starts with a frame. With that being said, a solid building starts with solid framing technicians. The frame of a home is its skeleton, and from there the structure starts to come together until it becomes an inhabitable space. Because the frame is so essential to the building’s success, choosing the right company to create it is not something to be taken lightly.

PBG’s crew of framers have been passionately working in the industry of construction framing for well over 30 years. Hmm.. You can definitely say our veteran framers might just know a thing or two about a solid frame, eh?

From foundation framing to the rooftop, PBG has you covered! (pun intended)