When the original home investing team– began building homes together, they frequently encountered many obstacles. Essentially, they found that outside construction companies were not meeting their needs or performing in a timely manner. Progressive Building Group was born out of a need to be better, not only for the building crew behind the scenes, but also for potential new homeowners.

In 2019, PBG was founded to create a smoother company infrastructure. The home investing team could now rely on their own construction company and ensure that all parts of the home-building process are performed with the same values of excellence and care. Today, PBG now operates under a small, yet qualified team, ready and able to control the way their projects are structured.

The Progressive Building Group family promises to deliver an exceptional performance that meets all of your needs. We, at PBG, vow to be timely, efficient, and conscientious of the homes you love and the homes we create.

From family to family, hammers to kitchen tables, PBG forms an undeniable bond with their clients, and after all, family is what PBG is all about.